The WASTE-O-MAT systems are electro-hydraulic operated units for undergrounding of conventional wheeled waste bins, of capacity up to 1300 lt and are delivered with ‘’CE’’ declaration conformity, according to the European directive EC-06/42.

The WASTE-O-MAT units are delivered in two pre-assembled and in factory pre-tested parts for installation in prefabricated pits either as single units or in groups of more units with independent lifting (patent) of each unit what enables the collection of organic and recyclable waste on different days and or hours.

The lifting capacity of a single WASTE-O-MAT unit is approx. 1000 kg . The internal dimensions of the installation pit are 1,25 m x 1,50 m, with a depth of 2,0 to 2,3 m, while there is a 30 cm deep small pit for discharging rain water that may be collected in the pit during the waste collection procedure on rainy days.

The WASTE-O-MAT units can be delivered for operation either with or without waste reception towers (patent). When installed without reception towers they are invisible in the environment and fit perfectly not only in parks, public squares etc but also along very narrow sidewalks without posing any kind of obstruction to pedestrians, special needs individuals, cyclists etc.

The WASTE-O-MAT units without reception tower are friendly to senior citizens, special needs individuals and children, because there is no need to lift the waste bags in order to dispose them.

In case overfilling of the bin or of the reception tower, the WASTE-O- MAT unit’s platform sinks automatically (patent), forcing the cover of the waste reception opening to close (patent) thus ensuring that no further use of the bins is possible until the next garbage collection.

The WASTE-O-MAT units are optionally equipped with a spraying system (patent) that every 30 minutes discharges on the waste a disinfectant deodorant.

All the electro-hydraulic equipment as well as the electrical switch box, are integrated inside the WASTE-O-MAT units and are powered safely by a 12 Volt battery, (patent) that once or twice in a month recharges automatically as for example from the nearest lighting pole.

The WASTE-O-MAT units are optionally equipped with a fire extinguishing system (patent) which is being activated at a temperature of over 65 Co what may occur in case of waste ignition from a cigarette, unextinguished ashes etc.

In order to secure water tightness, the cover of the WASTE-O-MAT pit is seated on an inclined steel frame (patent) so that no small stones, dirt etc can remain on it, thus ensuring proper closure.

The pit covers in WASTE-O-MAT units are insulated with polyurethane panels so that during the hot days of summer the temperature inside the bin is lowered, thus delays the sepsis and reduces bad smell.