ParkOmin | Protection against climatic influences and uninvited guests for your vehicle 





Park-O-min is the smallest large garage and protects your vehicle against all weather conditions.

Park-O-min is a stable and weatherproof construction which can be quickly set up nearly everywhere.

The Park-O-min garage with its special isolation protects your valuable vehicle but naturally also motorcycle, bicycle or other vehicles (up to the size of a passenger car)  against every weather conditions like snow, frost, rain, hail or heat and also against possible damages from third persons.                                                                                                The isolation material is fireproof and protects your vehicle against unpleasant circumstances

The Park-O- min garage offers your vehicle the same protection and simple access like your conventional garage, but for much less space.

 An already existing, conventional garage could be used for example, as another area, kids room or as your very own gym.

The Park-O-min garage  can be assembled everywhere easily in short time by yourselves (the most difficult part weighs 20 kgs) and be set up without foundation on soft or also firm subsoil.

Thanks to the telescope construction it consumes unused only 1/3 of the original space and can be also disassembled at any time again and be kept in its compact space-saving packaging.

The Park-O-min garage  saves you in wintry relations to defrost your vehicle's discs and locks and to remove snow from your car.

You can bring your children in time to school, you yourselves come punctually to work, regardless of the possible losses which can appear with such weather.


On the other hand, not only the dust and bird droppings facing you in midsummer are dealt with, but also the temperature inside of your vehicle remains in the pleasant area and saves you the time you would need in order to cool your vehicle with the air-conditioner.

The Park-O-min garage   offers you easy access to your vehicle, either from behind for loading and unloading or from both sides to the front doors and even to the motor compartment.

It doesn't require any building licences! After your package has arrived you can set up your mini garage on your yard or parking area at any time.

Available extra equipment for the ParkOmin-garage:

•  lightning mechanism with illuminant and switch
• power unit for remote-controlled opening and closing via IR-remote
• power-supply-module with battery and solar panel
• storage shelf in static module, e. g. for tires

*high level of operational and functional safety  (CE-certified)