RONDO- RT/K for undergrounding in a covered shaft 

4 wheelie steel waste bins of 1100 lt (with flat cover),
served by only one reception tower (RT) with
incorporated compactor (K)

RONDO-RT/K units can be installed in Parks, in
Pedestrian zones, in Hotels, in Hospitals, in Schools
and in Pavements having width approx 4,0 m, even
under the roads (if it is allowed by the authorities)
with the reception tower in the side walk. Rondo units
can be provided for covering with grass, stones,
etc to perfectly matchthe surrounding environment.

With the incorporated compactor the capacity of
each waste bin can be increased by 2 to 5 times,
depending on the nature of the waste and limited
by the permissible max payload of the bins which
is automatically controlled by the system. So, with
the installation of a Rondo-RT/K unit, a max waste
volume of up to ~22000 lt can be undergrounded
which corresponds to 20 waste bins of 1100 lt

By keeping the left or the right pedal pushed, the
system rotates until the next bin with household
or recyclable waste will come under the reception
tower and its cover opens.During the compression
procedure (when required) the system cannot be
used for disposal.

Full bins either by weight or by volume are
automatically blocked for further use, sending
a wireless message to the involved community
service. Lifting for collection of the bins is only possible
by authorized people (key locked operation)

- Automatic fire extinguishing system
- Automatic deodorant and disinfection over the
  bins with organic waste
- Water suction pump


 Previous anaesthetic view View with installation
of one Rondo unit
Rondo unit during collection with raised one of the bins